by Natalie Anderson

  Offside Rule

Rule 9.1 One Player offside
9.1.1 A player with or without the ball shall be offside if the player enters any area other than the playing area for that designated position.
9.1.2 A player may reach over and take the ball from an offside area (refer rule 13.1) provided that no physical contact is made with the ground in the offside area.
In applying this rule a player cannot go offside to retrieve a loose ball even when setting a penalty as this is still considered offside.

Penalty for Rule 9.1.1 to 9.1.2
Free Pass to the opposing team where the infringement occurred.
Rule 18.4 Throw In
18.4.2 The player throwing the ball in shall:-
(vi) not step behind any offside area whilst still in possession of the ball.
In applying this rule a player must also stay onside when taking a throw in and cannot step behind any offside area whilst  in possession of the ball.

Penalty for Rule 18.4.2 (vi)
A throw in is awarded to the opposing team where the infringement occurred.
Where to find these rules - page 24 & 45 of your rule book.



Download the Rule Book to IBooks

Also if you have access to an i phone you can download the rule book to i books and and keep it handy!  This is also a great way of searching by keywords when you are looking for a rule.
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A First for Jindalee - Our Own Umpire's Course

Thank you to the participants who attended the Basic Umpires Course and who braved the cold and the wind but I am sure you will agree it was worth it and we hope you all learnt a thing or two!  It's really exciting to see so many great new umpires for JDNC!
A BIG thank you to Marie from WDNA - we really appreciated it!  And also to Ashleigh Vandermaat and Johanna Moore for the great job assisting, you are both great umpires and fantastic role models for the new umpires within the club.  Thanks Girls!

This was the first time our club has run its own umpire's course. Courses are normally run at WDNA and involve all clubs. It was fabulous to have a parent, Michelle Leavers, join in and have a go as well. It really is an eye opener how much an umpire needs to be aware of in a game situation. We encourage all parents/coaches/managers to have a go and appreciate the umpire's perspective and the rules of the game. You never know until you have a go!

If you are interested in doing a Basic Umpire's Course please contact: Alice Jimmieson: 0410 512 913

Alice Jimmieson , JDNC Umpire Coordinator

WDNA_Umpiring Policy and Guidelines
WDNA_Umpiring Pathway (includes the link to the Online Exam)