About Us

The mission of Jindalee Aust Foortball and Netball Club Inc.  is to provide skill development, coaching and competition to people of all ages and gender to maximise their individual netball potential and enjoyment, and also to provide a variety of pathways for life long enjoyment of the game.

Our Committee

Our Committee works all year round to ensure everything runs smoothly and that all policies and regulations are kept up to date. The Committee meet once a month and everyone is encouraged to come along and have their say and input to make the club the best it can be. The 2019 amalgamated Committee is at present:

The 2019 Executive Committee of JDNC
President  Mike Jackson   info@jindaleenetballclub.com.au
Secretary Bill Gaydon   info@jindaleenetballclub.com.au
Treasurer David Turner   info@jindaleenetballclub.com.au
Registrar Netball Amanda Lewis 0422 850 530 registrar@jindaleenetballclub.com.au
Coaching Coord Netball D. De La Rue    info@jindaleenetballclub.com.au
Umpiring Coordinator Alice Jimmieson 0410 512 913 info@jindaleenetballclub.com.au
Uniform Officer Joanna Gibbs    info@jindaleenetballclub.com.au
Equipment Officer James Miller   info@jindaleenetballclub.com.au
Website/Facebook Officer Amanda Lewis    
Social Convenyor Vacant    
Sponsorship Officer Vacant    
General Committee  2 Members

If you are interested in being part of our Committee please email your interests to info@jindaleenetballclub.com.au.

Our Policies, Codes of Behaviour & Codes of Conduct

The purpose of these Policies and Codes is to assist in the provision of quality sport experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

In particular, this netball policy for all players will help:

  • Create a safe and supportive environment for enjoyable participation
  • Foster social benefits and encourage good sporting behaviour
  • Improve skill development, cardiovascular and muscular-skeletal health
  • Provide equal opportunities for all young people to participate
  • Encourage and actively cater for talented young sports people


Information Booklet

This booklet contains other information about our goals, mission, current Committee Members, Umpiring, etc.

Information Booklet 2015